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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018

“Warmth and midrange smoothness were the strengths of a Vinnie Rossi/ Triode Wire Labs / Harbeth loudspeaker system…

Drums and percussion were depicted with excellence, the low tones of piano and instruments were conveyed with perfection, and the artistry and emotion of all concerned came through loud and clear.

In fact, the brilliance of music and interpretation was such that, for one of the rare times in my 15 years at audio shows, absolutely no one left the room or even fidgeted during a long piece of relatively obscure, heart-rending German lieder that was impeccably sung with deep feeling. This is a tribute not only to Vinnie Rossi, Harbeth, and Triode Wire, but also to the quality of show attendees whom Vinnie tends to attract. Thank you, one and all.” 

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

RMAF 2018 – Best in Show Sound

(Room 3018: Vinnie Rossi with Spatial Audio and Anticables)

“It’s rooms like Vinnie’s and Clayton’s that really are “the energy” for that audio show feeling.

… Bass was massive and natural — and by natural I mean it was like real thunder, not a facsimile, or one of those pesky apartment neighbors who just got “Sub-Woofer: The Movie” on Blu-Ray.

…The mid-range and treble was as effortless as anything I had encountered this year at any of the shows. Not to say it was out-right the best, but it was spooky in how it loaded the room and held voices inside the image when needed but allowed the vocals to show space when the recording demanded it.

…When we talk about Best-In-Show sound, I can’t help but take into account that what I heard here at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is not only a few extra inches of performance, but a few feet worth. How many other speaker and electronics brands can admit they’ve made those kind of gains?”

Eric Franklin Shook, Part-Time Audiophile

(Room 4024: Vinnie Rossi with Harbeth Loudspeakers and Triode Wire Labs)

“Insight was available by the boatload. Bass attack, fast, but not bloated or overly thumpy. Mid-range, what I consider to be signature Harbeth, but turned upward and wider that I know from my previously smaller Harbeth experiences. Treble was where, for me, things shined. The insight came from imaging that hung afloat in the middle of the room like an apparition.”

Eric Franklin Shook, Part-Time Audiophile


“In the Spatial Audio room, Clayton Shaw was debuting his statement speaker, the Lumina L2 along with  Vinnie Rossi’s ‎L2 Signature Preamp and Monoblock System that he was debuting. This was some of the best sound at the show.

“This is one of the systems at the show that really got my motor running. The whole system didn’t cost what many of the speakers at the show sold for, and it sounded better than most. It was dynamic, open, had emotional energy and was very natural sounding. These were great debut products.” 

Jack and Becky Roberts, The Audio Beatnik


“The slide guitar-infused Plowin’ Mule track by Doug MacLeod posted almost ghost-like focus for each instrument in the music field. It was certainly hard to tell where the speakers were placed, and if pressed to gander a guess, I would have implied a location much further back, behind the somewhat close, actual placement of the 40.2s. A fun party trick? An expensive hollowed gesture to scare trick-or-treaters? I say nay. Raw craftsmanship from two brands that gel together for power when needed and grace unyielding. Best imaging and focus of the show for me.”

Brian Hunter,



“RMAF Best of Show”

“This was one of those rooms you could sit and listen all day and never get fatigued. Vinnie had them [Harbeth 40.2s] dialed in and his new L2 DHT Preamp sounded terrific. You also won’t meet a friendlier bunch than these guys!”

Mike Bovaird,


“Great Rooms of RMAF 2018”

“Lovely sound, typical of Harbeth and its legendary status. Great bass, too… Vinnie Rossi continues to make some of the most intriguing electronics, highly adaptable and sounding superb. Very good and reasonably priced.”

Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

Link to more RMAF2018 show coverage and pictures of the Vinnie Rossi L2 System debut!

Los Angeles Audio Show 2017

Vinnie Rossi LIO: Winner of the LAAS / LAOCAS Audiophile Products Award (“ALFIE”)

“The sound of the LIO’s ultracapacitor-powered, modular system paired with the Spatial Audio X1’s Uniwave dipole design was widespread, transparent, and profoundly engaging.”

Jana Dagdagan, Stereophile

“This system that Clayton Shaw and Vinnie Rossi put together was close to the best sound I heard at the show… The sound was also very open and very transparent with great imaging, and yes, the soundstage was huge.”
Discovering the simplicity of this system and it’s total cost blew me away. I have heard and reviewed digital sources that cost more than this entire system.”

Jack Roberts, The Audio Beatnik (Room Awarded: “The Audio Beatnik Bongo Award, LAAS 2017: Best Room under $50K”)

“The combination of Rossi’s electronic wizardry and Shaw’s innovative speakers did create a spooky sense of realism that was noticeably different from most traditional high-end systems… a presentation that was close to what I imagine it would have been like to be sitting in the studio during recording.

Voices had electrostatic-like clarity and reverb trails seemed to hang in the air forever. Instruments were clearly defined and located precisely on a wide, deep soundstage. In addition, soft passages still had weight and clarity, while louder moments remained free from congestion and glare.

Overall, there was a cohesiveness across the audio spectrum that multiple-cone box speakers can struggle to achieve.  Indeed, the total price of the rig was less than what I’d seen for wire alone in a number of systems at the LA show — and the Rossi-Spatial room did more things right than some of those megabuck exhibits.

John Stancavage, Part Time Audiophile (Room Awarded: “Best of LAAS 2017”)

“Driven by Vinnie Rossi’s electronics, the speaker gave a depiction of orchestral sound of truly remarkable realism. I cannot recall any show demo ever that sounded more like an orchestra than this, and there have been few that were its equal. In a moderately large room—the exhibit was in a suite-sized room—this system was producing both truthful timbres and a stunning sense of the recording venue’s actual space on one of my perennial test CDs… one really felt transported to the acoustics of the recording venue. The speakers sounded natural and convincing on smaller-scale music as well. Harnoy/Dussek’s Schubert Arpeggione Sonata (cello and piano, on RCA) was bewitching in its tonal naturalness and spatial realism as well.”

Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound 

Vinnie Rossi always has a smooth selection of sonic treats to sample from and he always seems to know the right tune to play for any audience – with deep tracks and clever covers. He was also generous enough to let me sit in the sweet spot and bear witness to the quick, but clear rock track Madness from Muse for a taste of the weekend’s auditory cocktail. Upward extension was spot on, the system’s response to the rapid fire vocal samples and distorted instruments was controlled and tidy.

Brian Hunter,


“Harbeth and Vinnie Rossi score again!”
“The midrange was lovely, the top fine, and the soundstage wide. In short, what’s not to love?”

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

Strengths here included especially faithful tone color and texture, with intricate yet undeniably accurate layering, soundstaging, and imaging.”

Greg Weaver, The Absolute Sound (Room Awarded: “Most Significant Room,” Axpona 2017)

“Powered by a Lio hybrid amplifier… the new Harbeth Super HL5 Plus “40th Anniversary Edition” speakers soared to uncommon musical heights. Sounding superbly musical, detailed (but not exceedingly so), and oh-so relaxed, the Harbeth’s pulled you into the performance”

Maurice Jeffries, Positive Feedback Online  (Room Awarded: “The Best of the Best” – Axpona 2017″)

“The Vinnie Rossi LIO is a modular triumph in sound and quality. Here is the tricked-out model which includes the Direct Heated Triode front end. Sporting the Phono Pre, DAC and 25wpc amplifier modules this version of the LIO… Paired with the 40th anniversary model Harbeth Super HL5Plus… sound was truly three dimensional.”

Eric Neff, HiFi+ Magazine

This is a sonically outstanding amplifier: lively, engaging, constantly daring you not to respond to its sensory provocation…
At this price point I cannot recommend the LIO highly enough, considering the state-of-the-art analog, and digital circuit designs, the fact that it also features Rossi’s patent-pending Pure DC-4-EVR Ultracapacitor Technology power supply so you won’t ever need to upgrade your power cables (and allows for a staggeringly low noise floor) it is a true bargain in high fidelity.”

Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile (Room Awarded: “Best of AXPONA 2017”)

Vinnie Rossi has turned the audiophile community on its ear with his LIO modular electronics. The sound of the fully configured DHT LIO driving the Harbeth Super HL5 40th anniversary monitors via Triode Wire Labs cables was nearfield joy. Liquid, transparent, wonderful; and the LIO wasn’t even running Vinnie’s newest DAC! The analog source was an Acoustic Signature Wow XL. Without question, this was one of my favorite rooms at the show. I definitely could enjoy living with this system in my smallish listening room. Yes. Hell yes!”

Gary Beard, Positive Feedback Online

RMAF 2016

“he Rocky Mountain International HiFi Press Awards (RIHPA) are the high-end audio industry’s first world-wide press awards honoring high-end audio manufacturers. “The Oscars of the audio industry.”  The awards will be an impartial and unbiased declaration of the world’s state-of-the art in 20 specific High-end audio categories.

Vinnie Rossi LIO , Nominated in the “Integrated Amplifier” category

“The LIO was feeding a pair of Harbeth Super HL5 Plus in Denver, and the sound was even more organic, ballsy, emotionally-engaging, and outputting the most jammi-est midrange I’ve heard from this combo. It just begged to be turned waaaay up.”

Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile

I didn’t intentionally save one of the best for last, which made discovering how good this room from Vinnie Rossi and Fidelis AV sounded an extra treat. At its center was [the] Vinnie Rossi LIO Integrated with DHT PRE linestage…”

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

T.H.E. Show, Newport Beach 2016

LIO DHT PRE wins Richard Beer’s Innovation Award

“Vinnie has pushed the LIO into very interesting territory with the DHT. Greater sense of realism, faster transient attacks, more realistic detail retrieval and a more robust midband. The tone was right, the music was pumping and many listeners left that room much happier than when they walked in.”

Ron Brenay, New Record Day

“The LIO in Chicago with the big Harbeths was emotionally engaging, and delivered on every sonic front I could grade it on, and Newport was no different, except the Volti’s expanded the sound stage, and brought an even deeper organic, and visceral impact to the music. That, and real quickness. Attack speed on notes, and transients was blinding. The efficient Vittoras were able to enjoy far more headroom, and shrugged-off big, fat dynamic swings with Rossi’s 25 watts on tap. “

Rafe Arnott, Part Time Audiophile


I expect that a lot of converts were won over by the Vinnie Rossi ultra-configurable, do everything but wash your dishes, Stereophile Class A Recommended Component LIO with new LIO directly heated triode linestage… I certainly was when I heard it paired with Harbeth M40.2 Reference loudspeakers. Thanks for the beautiful experience, Vinnie…”

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile


T.H.E. Show, Newport Beach 2015

“…the new Vinnie Rossi LIO integrated amp would be my early pick for the best sound of Newport 2015.”

Herb Reichert, Stereophile

“Awe inspiring and terrific tonality.”

Frank Iacone, Headphone.Guru

“The Vinnie Rossi LIO is very easy to recommend.”

Aaron Kovics, Headphone Guru

Most Significant Product Introduction:  Vinnie Rossi’s LIO modular integrated amplifier

“By far the most innovative single amp, preamp, and integrated amp I came across at the show was this hybrid unit, the LIO Modular, designed by one Vinnie Rossi”

Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound


SoCal CanJam 2015

“Build and sound quality are extremely impressive, so the LIO would be a cool product to own purely on the basis of its sound. It hyper-versatility, though, give it multi-purpose capabilities few other components I have seen could every hope to match.”

Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

“Vinnie paired his electronics with the Harbeth 40.2 Reference Monitors and the sound was liquid-ie good.”

Michael Lavorgna, Audiostream

“Today I saw Vinnie’s new ultracapacitor-powered VR120 amplifier. I touched it, I photographed it, and I listened to it play… in the most effortless, grainless, natural, detailed, visceral, musically exciting way.”

Herb Reichert, Stereophile

Part Time Audiophile’s Best of RMAF 2015: Vinnie Rossi LIO and Harbeth 40.2 Speakers

“But at the end of the day I’m still dreaming about the sound of the LIO/Harbeth system. Is there a better pair speaker for midrange than the Harbeth? I doubt it. Paired with the LIO the sound was spectacular. Seemless top to bottom. Open, clear…but with great bass and dynamics. The LIO is doing all the right things and seems like solid gear. Yet another visit to Denver demonstrates that you don’t have to spend crazy money to get reference sound.”

Lee Scoggins, Part-Time Audiophile

“I am very tempted to finagle a way into a pair of Harbeth 40.2 loudspeakers. For me, that room was magical. Paired with the new Vinnie Rossi separates, I was gobsmacked, and several times in the weeks following, I’ve been tempted into doing something horribly rash.”

Scot Hull, Part-Time Audiophile


NY Audio Show 2015

“This may have been my most enjoyable room at the show. Vocals were just sublime as demonstrated on record after record.”

Steven Marsh,

“…it all made for wonderful music that impressed with the sense of space (not always easy in show conditions).”

Rick Jenson,

Capital Audiofest 2015

“Very black backgrounds in this room, when it was less populated, helped the musical details flow from the system. Voices and violin/string tone were sensational here, nothing bombastic just very real sounding.”

Kemper Holt, Enjoy the Music

“…the straightforwardness of the room was a visual breath of fresh air. Look at how compact that footprint is! Hear how expansive that sound stage is! It’s enough to make me want to start tossing gear out onto AudiogoN just so I can start over. But if you’re not starting over, and looking at ways to improve what you’ve got, and detail + tone is your sonic cup-of-tea, I think this room would have been a fabulous place to tie up your boat.”

Scott Hull, Part Time Audiophile


Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014

Ten Most Significant Products: Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2014

“One of the biggest headaches for audiophiles who use digital products is obsolescence. Often a brand new cutting-edge device turns into a boat anchor overnight as newer formats become available. Vinnie Rossi… has come up with a solution that is so unique…”

Steven Stone, The Absolute Sound