Show Coverage

AXPONA 2019: Coverage from Chris Connaker of Audiophile Style

I immediately got goosebumps

“Listening to this system was so pleasurable. I requested several songs as show-goers came and went. I felt the need to stay and listen. It was so relaxing and effortless. One of my go-to tracks this year was Don’t Take Your one From Me off go John Coltrane’s album Standard Coltrane. The sound was almost ethereal as Coltrane’s sax oozed from the left channel and Jimmy Cobb’s drum kit and Red Garland’s piano sprinkled around the right. As one person left the room he said something to the effect of, great song selection. I take zero credit for this man’s enjoyment. It was all Coltrane and Rossi.

Vinnie played a Natalie Merchant track for me and I immediately got goosebumps. The richness in her voice came through this system, in a terrible sonic environment, wonderfully. Half way through the track I had to let Vinnie know this was something special…”


AXPONA 2019: Coverage from Marc Phillips of Part Time Audiophile

Best Sound of Show

“There was a room back in Chicago that spoke to me. It said, “Here is your system, the one that was made specifically for you and your audio tastes. It offers tons of features and flexibility, it looks great, and it has the sound you’ve always loved, a mix between the refinement of British hi-fi and a dynamic range…

I sat in Vinnie’s room for a while and I simple couldn’t think of anything else I wanted in a system. The Stilettos were still in prototype form, but I’m not sure what else can be improved. I can’t wait to hear them again.  I sat in Vinnie’s room for a while and I simple couldn’t think of anything else I wanted in a system… I’m not sure what else can be improved.”


NYAS 2018: Coverage from Herb Reichert of Stereophile

Transparent beyond belief

“But today, I was sitting less than six feet from the big Harbeth 40.2s [fed from the Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature Preamplifier and Monoblocks], and they were throwing a soundstage that went through the window and over Central Park. They were transparent beyond belief.”


NYAS 2018: Coverage from Steve Guttenberg (“The Audiophiliac”) of CNET

He has raised the bar

Vinnie Rossi is one of the few that always gets great sound at shows, and this time he has raised the bar. His new L2 Signature tube preamp (center) and L2 Signature power amps could do no wrong.


RMAF 2018: Coverage from Jason Victor Serinus of Stereophile

Artistry and emotion

“Warmth and midrange smoothness were the strengths of a Vinnie Rossi / Triode Wire Labs / Harbeth loudspeaker system…

Drums and percussion were depicted with excellence, the low tones of piano and instruments were conveyed with perfection, and the artistry and emotion of all concerned came through loud and clear.

In fact, the brilliance of music and interpretation was such that, for one of the rare times in my 15 years at audio shows, absolutely no one left the room or even fidgeted during a long piece of relatively obscure, heart-rending German lieder that was impeccably sung with deep feeling. This is a tribute not only to Vinnie Rossi, Harbeth, and Triode Wire Labs, but also to the quality of show attendees whom Vinnie tends to attract.”


RMAF 2018: Coverage from Eric Franklin Shook of Part Time Audiophile

Best-in-show sound: Vinnie Rossi & Spatial Audio

“When we talk about Best-In-Show sound, I can’t help but take into account that what I heard here at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is not only a few extra inches of performance, but a few feet worth. How many other speaker and electronics brands can admit they’ve made those kind of gains?”


RMAF 2018: Coverage from Jack and Becky Roberts of The Audio Beatnik

Best sound at the show

“This is one of the systems at the show that really got my motor running. The whole system didn’t cost what many of the speakers at the show sold for, and it sounded better than most. It was dynamic, open, had emotional energy and was very natural sounding. These were great debut products.

This was some of the best sound at the show.”


RMAF 2018: Coverage from Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia

Great rooms of RMAF 2018

“Lovely sound, typical of Harbeth and its legendary status. Great bass, too… Vinnie Rossi continues to make some of the most intriguing electronics, highly adaptable and sounding superb. Very good and reasonably priced.”


RMAF 2018: Coverage from Mike Bovaird of Audio Shark

RMAF Best of Show

“This was one of those rooms you could sit and listen all day and never get fatigued. Vinnie had them dialed in and his new DHT Preamp sounded terrific. You also won’t meet a friendlier bunch than these guys!”