Professional Reviews

Reviews of the Brama components will be posted here as they become available in 2022.
Below are reviews of our previous, award-winning product line – the L2 Series.

David Robinson reviews the L2i-SE Integrated Amplifier

2020 PF Brutus Award winner.

Meanwhile, I can say this with full confidence: The Vinnie Rossi L2i SE is a world-class, top-o’-the-heap integrated in my book. Lovely to look at; utterly seductive to hear. It will definitely be getting a Brutus Award from me at the end of 2020…no doubt about that at all.

And so, here’s a Ye Olde Editor’s “Very highest recommendation…enthusiastically!” for the L2i SE.

Pay attention. This is a very special product, amigos!”


Ken Kessler and Paul Miller review the L2i-SE Integrated Amplifier (July 2020)

Editor’s Choice Award 

…if I needed a new amp, I’d be splashing out on a Vinnie Rossi L2i-SE because I simply adore it. The build, ergonomics and features leave nothing to be desired, and it was a joy to use the entire time it was in my system. I even loved just staring at it! But forget all that. Ultimately, this is about sound. And it was ‘Bellissima’…”

Marc Phillips reviews the L2i Integrated Amplifier

“Highly recommended, and an Editor’s Choice Award winner.

I had the Vinnie Rossi L2i integrated amplifier in my system for many months, and I listened to hundreds of LPs during that time. I can’t pick out two or three that stood out. I can tell you that this was one of the most rewarding periods of my life as an audiophile. It’s all a happy, satisfying blur.”

“The Vinnie Rossi L2i won our Editor’s Choice award and was nominated for Product of The Year 2020.”


Matt Clott reviews the L2i-SE Integrated Amplifier (TAS, May 2020 issue)

“…in its price class, I believe it’s an apex predator.”

the L2i-SE was a performance of passion, gestalt, and simplicity”

“To be honest, I have heard more expensive monoblocks that would have
been jealous. The midrange was luscious when it was supposed to be, and laid-back
when so directed. Those overused terms “fun” and “engaging” popped into my
brain several times. Highs were eloquently presented and never overwhelming, with
an immediacy and clarity that allowed the overall presentation to flow completely
unimpeded, like the waters of Niagara. I have no negative comments to make; it is
that simple.”

“…in its price class I believe it’s an apex predator. I struggled to pull
myself away from every listening session, and was frequently overwhelmed by the
emotion and majesty it had the capacity to convey.”

2020 – 2021 Editor’s Choice Award Winner



Anthony Kershaw reviews the L2i-SE Integrated Amplifier

Happily, I can attest the L2i-SE is a masterpiece component.

…For sure, it’s an easy visual winner in all of Rossi’s categories. Just look at it. But the sound it produces is very special. And some of the most musically inviting, transparent, sweet and diaphanous sound I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in my music room.

Pair the L2i-SE with good cables and your favorite quality loudspeaker and you’ll be set for the final path of your audiophile journey. No compromises, no buyer’s remorse… In four months as the mover & shaker in my system, it astounded me daily with its musical ability. By its nature, the SE will give you a lifetime of musical pleasure. Very highly recommended.”


The L2i-SE was featured in the Dec 2019 issue of Robb Report

Maverick Sound Architect Vinnie Rossi’s New All-In-One Soundsystem Is for Serious Audiophiles

“Rossi, long admired for no-compromise designs, joins his L2 Signature Preamplifier and L2 Signature Monoblock amps into one chassis, the L2i-SE. The preamp is a class-A vacuum-tube design that showcases a pair of 300B triode tubes, big glowing glass “bottles” known for delivering music with delicious detail and harmonic sophistication. The amplification stage features a dual-mono power supply and custom-wound transformers, for wide bandwidth and bass-frequency reproduction with visceral heft and weight.”


Steve Huff Photo reviews the L2i-SE Integrated Amplifier

To be clear, this integrated sounds better than anything I have heard in 30 years. It allowed me to enjoy more music as it seemed to make anything I ran through it sound magical.

“I can say that after more now I have realized this integrated amp with DAC is well worth the asking price. It has muscle but also finesse. It pulls details yet does so with elegance and a human touch. It is an expensive amp but sounds every bit of that expense, and that is not always the case with high end audio. It’s an investment but only for those who keep their gear long term. This is not a piece you will buy, tire of in a year and sell. It is a lifetime piece IMO.

This amp took my 30 years of HiFi experience, threw it away and showed me what a well-designed “cost no object” integrated amp could sound like. As good as I thought some of my previous systems were, this is next level, for me at least.

The dac module in this amp (a $3500 extra) is also without question the best DAC I have heard, and yes, dacs sound very different from one another when you start to get into the high end ($2000 and up range). My experience with serious dacs range from a PS Audio Direct Stream to a Chord Qutest. The [L2]dac in the Rossi amp is much better in my system.”

Link to Steve Huff’s video review on Youtube >>


Michael Lavorgna reviews the L2 Preamplifier & Monoblocks (Part 1/2)

…the Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature components offered some of the most musically satisfying sound I’ve heard in the Barn. Bravo!

“The Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature system goes deep. Way, way deep into the music. The overall presentation is rock solid, super stable, squeaky clean and precise coupled with a full boded and rich but not over-ripe sound.

The L2 system made my DeVore’s sound like new speakers, capable of things hereto only imagined. Bass response in particular was better than I’ve heard from the Xs and by “better” I mean in every meaningful way which includes tone, body, weight, and impact. The sound image completely decoupled from the speakers, filling the barn with stereo-defying presence in every dimension. Sounds picked, plucked, strummed, and sung sprung from all over the damned place like a sonic fireworks display. At the same time there was a tactile sense of the subtle, a caressing of micro-detail and nuance, allowing time and timing to create tension and release, the stuff that turns hifi into a moving musical experience. Balancing and delivering all of these traits is, in my experience, something special.

I’ve been following Vinnie Rossi’s hifi products going on 15 years and I am happy to see, hear, and report that he has arrived at the deep end of the pool with a truly satisfying splash. Coupled with my source and speakers, the Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature components offered some of the most musically satisfying sound I’ve heard in the Barn. Bravo!”


Anthony Kershaw reviews the L2 Signature Preamplifier

…It could live in my system happily. Forever. Very highly recommended.

…As Rossi suggests, the preamplifier is dead silent. No tube rush, nothing. A black background for the musicians to paint their sounds. During the break in, I had become enamoured with its sound during my standard sneak peeks. Warm, rich and refined, yet with incredible detail. All instruments shone with the most beautiful halo of vibrant sound. Vocals, too. Deep, rich, throaty. But with a harmonic ‘completeness’ to their presentation. Almost tactile. And definitely goosebump time. I could imagine the artists smiling and nodding with pride if they heard this type of playback.

…The L2 enhanced my very fine digital setup, and considering the preamplifier section of the Continuum S2 (basically, a Jeff Rowland Capri II preamplifier) is outstanding and an obvious match for its connected amplifier section, it couldn’t better the gorgeous sounds the 300Bs were portraying. For sure, a completely different topology, but the way Rossi has his tubes singing is very persuasive.

…Adding this fantastic bit of kit will elevate your musical experience into regions you have yet imagined. “


Jack Roberts reviews the L2 Signature Monoblocks

…These are simply very seductive sounding amplifiers.

I think the first two things you will notice about these monoblocks is their bass and their soundstaging. Whether kettle drums, a standup bass or a big pipe organ these amps have iron-fisted control of the bass. The bass is also deep, fast and powerful.

The second thing I noticed was the soundstage, and it was huge. With the L2 Signature amps in my system, the soundstage floated behind the speakers and way to the outside of the speakers… The L2 Signatures allowed my system to do this better than any amp I have heard.

The midrange has a wonderfully natural, relaxed, liquid, sweet and warm sound. Sinatra, or Ella’s voices or Ben Webster’s sax all sounded so relaxed and effortless. These power amps enabled me to hear layers of tones and textures of the music that came out of a very natural sounding background of silence. Performances were quite involving and moving at both low and loud listening levels.

With these amps, my system also had the capability to let me hear the lushness from the strings and woodwinds. When you combine this midrange with the bass I talked about above, you have a real winner on your hands.”


The L2 Preamplifier receives very rare Lunar Eclipse Award!

The global market has nothing at all like it.  L2 is the first and only one of its kind… 

“The 12AU7 in Nagra’s Classic just couldn’t compete against the [L2 equipped with] Takatsuki 300B…
This underscored at least in my private appointment calender how today’s L2 truly was a class apart to justify its tariff in full. There was no sense comparing it to other preamps… Hifi reviews aren’t blood sports…

Vinnie’s L2 now allowed one to clone advanced SET attributes from properly spec’d transistor amps. De facto it meant, 1) hitching that type sound to SET-unfriendly ‘normal’ speakers, and 2) doing so with no impact on musical choices.
A solution as elegantly simple as Vinnie Rossi’s L2 Preamp we might have expected from one of the big established tube houses like Audio Research, Conrad Johnson, VTL… yet none of them—not one!—managed. The global market has nothing at all like it. L2 is the first and only one of its kind…

L2 stands alone. It also does in offering that very practical alternate tube-less path of Jfet buffer for when your glass may be down awaiting replacement, or for when you need a bypass. It does so with its 2.5V, 4V and 5V toggles which take tube specimens from all three voltage families. It does so with its optional DAC and phono boards, with its special-order headphone amp module. To anyone who’s been in hifi long enough to know that invariably, you can find something very similar behind a different face plate, the Vinnie Rossi L2 is a major stumper. With it, there just isn’t, period…

With the Vinnie Rossi L2 line stage, that well-trodden claim—of direct-heated triodes being the most linear low-distortion audio gain devices ever made—has finally grown legs to stand on and not just walk but sprint like a racer… As now truly themselves without the traditional crutches or interpreters, they finally step into the bright light of day with genuine purity and speed. And that equals bandwidth, noise and resolution figures which are on par with the best of transistors. The resultant sonics are very special!”