Resistor Volume Control (RVC) with Tubestage

The LIO RVC + Tubestage module combines our highly transparent LIO RVC stepped attenuator with our seductive sounding LIO Tubestage buffer to make a high performance, high value active linestage. The RVC has 64 discrete 1dB volume control steps that are precisely matched between channels. You will always achieve exactly the right volume level with perfect channel balance and imaging.

LIO Tubestage design features Class-A operation, auto-biasing, constant-current tube filament supply, precision voltage regulation, and other tweaks that make this super low noise, high performance design very hard to match. The result is a winning combination of high precision with the warmth and lifelike character that tubes are known for.

LIO RVC Features
  • Attenuation range: -63db to unity gain
  • 1 dB step size
  • Full dual mono switching allows for L/R balance control with no additional circuitry in the signal path
  • Balance adjustments in 1 dB steps via LIO remote control handset
  • Premium Vishay/Dale film resistors

LIO Tubestage Features
  • Two E88CC dual triodes (one per channel)
  • Single-ended, Class-A design
  • Auto-biasing (no adjustments needed)
  • Auto-mute delay during tube warm-up (approx. 30 second)
  • No DC-DC converters – only clean linear voltage regulation
RVC & Tubestage
Included Tubes: JJ E88CC (matched pair)
Accepted Tubes: 6922/E88CC, 6DJ8/ECC88, 7308/E188CC, 7DJ8/PCC88, 6N23, 6H23, 6N11, and 6GM8
Output Impedance: < 200 ohm
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 110kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
Gain: Unity (0dB)