MM/MC Phonostage

Following our design philosophy that less is more, the LIO MM/MC Phonostage excels at retrieving maximum detail from your records’ grooves by means of fewer but higher quality parts. This minimalist design presents an utterly natural sound signature from its all-discrete, Class A JFET topology that employs zero feedback. We use only premium parts throughout with short signal paths. And of course power comes from the pristine and ultra-quiet LIO ultra-capacitor power supply.

With LIO’s Phonostage you will experience deeper musical involvement when spinning your favorite LPs. Its three inputs allow you to connect more than one turntable or arm/cartridge and toggle between them. One input is a dedicated moving magnet (MM) input, and the other two are dedicated moving coil (MC). This is the perfect phono stage for vinyl aficionados!



MM/MC Phonostage Features
  • NEW: Now using premium, on-board Cinemag moving coil step up transformers!
  • Discrete, Class A JFET design
  • Zero feedback used in gain stages and RIAA stages
  • Inputs (2) MC, (1) MM
  • Optional LIO Remote Cartridge Loading (RCL) module (see OPTIONS)
  • Oxidation resistant Cardas rhodium-plated RCA jacks for superior conductivity and long-term performance






MM/MC Phonostage
Gain / Load (MM): 40dB / 47k
Gain / Load (MC): 60dB / 16 load settings from 26 to 400 Ohms (with Remote Cartridge Loading option, load choices increase to 255 individual settings from 5 to 2000 Ohms)
Output impedance: < 100 ohms
RIAA: Passive filter between two discrete, Class A JFET gain stages
Voltage gain stages: Class A, JFET, no feedback
Remote Cartridge Loading

To get the absolute best performance from your phono cartridge it is critical to fine-tune the phono preamp’s input impedance. The easiest, most effective way to do that is with the LIO Remote Cartridge Loading (RCL) module that allows you to adjust cartridge loading from the perfect location – your listening chair. Optimize your phono system sound by ear, on the fly, while you listen. Perfect sound from any phono cartridge every time!

  • 255 individual settings for high precision cartridge loading
  • Load Range from 5 to 2000 Ohms
  • Two loading ‘presets’ on the remote to quickly compare the sound of two load settings