LIO MOSFET Amplifier

The LIO MOSFET amplifier module is a pure example of Vinnie Rossi’s “less is more” design philosophy of simple circuit topology with short signal paths and the highest performance parts.  Our Class-AB MOSFET output stage allow for very strong current delivery into real-world speaker loads that typically dip well below the nominal 8-ohm rating.

The LIO amplifier can drive all but the most power-hungry speakers with stunning clarity and linearity. Ideal for listeners who favor quality over quantity, it is is fast on its feet and deeply musical. It conveys the true emotion from your recordings, even at lower listening levels, that few amplifiers can rival.

And like every Vinnie Rossi component, it is hand built in the USA and features a 10-year warranty.

  • Output stage: Class AB, MOSFET
  • Fed directly from Vinnie Rossi’s high-current, PURE DC-4-EVR ultracapacitor power supply
  • Cardas rhodium-plated binding posts


Power output: 25 wpc @ 8-ohms, 45 wpc @ 4-ohms, 65 wpc @ 2-ohms