LIO Headphone Amplifier Module

The LIO Headphone Amplifier (HPA) is a great choice for serious listeners who demand high resolution, ultra-low noise and deep musical involvement from their headphone listening. It all starts with LIO’s patent-pending “PURE-DC-4EVR” ultracapacitor power supply that completely isolates all audio circuitry from the AC mains power at all times – for the dead-silent background necessary for the most revealing, detailed and life-like headphone listening experience available today.

It is rare to find a headphone amplifier that offers a seductive presentation, awesome dynamics, high resolution, and the ability to drive such a wide range of headphones. The LIO HPA will keep you listening in your private world and enjoying every minute!

Headphone Amplifier Features
  • Either single-ended or balanced outputs
  • Low output impedance, < 1-ohm
  • Can drive a minimum headphone impedance of 8-ohms
  • High/low gain jumper to optimize volume control range
Headphone Amplifier
Output Power (SE): 1W into 32-ohm
Output Power (BAL): 2W into 32-ohms
Output impedance (SE and BAL): 1 ohm
Gain: 0dB / 12dB (set via jumper)
Frequency Response: 5Hz – 50kHz (+/- 1dB)