L2 Signature Monoblock

Vinnie Rossi’s new flagship power amplifier design, the L2 Signature Monoblock, draws the listener deep into the music with its completely natural and engaging sound signature.  Its superb linearity over an extended bandwidth recovers the finest nuances and provides a heightened sense of texture, clarity, and spaciousness.  Bass extension and articulation of each and every note is phenomenal, as is L2’s sense of speed and dynamic contrasts.

L2 exemplifies simplicity, exceptional build quality, and remarkable finesse with communicating the emotion and passion within the music.  Inside its dense, compact chassis design is a finely-tuned Class AB MOSFET circuit topology powered by a highly responsive linear power supply.

Each L2 Signature Monoblock Amplifier is meticulously hand-built and tested by Vinnie Rossi himself. Its no-compromise construction and use of only the highest-quality components assure the listener will enjoy superior performance for many years to come.

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L2 Signature Monoblock Features

  • Ultra-wide bandwidth, Class AB MOSFET topology.
  • Very short signal and power paths.
  • Custom-wound, 500VA toroidal power supply transformer.
  • Over 100,000uF of very low ESR power supply rail capacitance.
  • 12V Trigger Input.
  • WBT NextGen 0703cu Speaker Binding Posts.
  • Neutrik RCA, XLR, and 12V Trigger input jacks.
  • Solid, CNC-machined aluminum chassis.
  • Solid, CNC-machined aluminum isolation base with Stillpoints ULTRA MINI feet.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Includes custom, military-grade hard travel case for each L2 Signature Monoblock.
L2 Signature Monoblock Specifications  
Output Power:
(Tested with 120Vac input)
75W rms into 8-ohms, 140W rms into 4-ohms (2-ohm stable)
Output Impedance: Approx. 0.1 ohm
Input Impedance: 100K ohms (RCA and XLR inputs)
Frequency Response: 2Hz – 250kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
0.5Hz – 900kHz (+/- 3dB)
Voltage Gain: 27.5dB (Customer specified gain can also be factory-set)
SNR: 100dB (Full output into 8-ohms, from 20Hz – 80kHz)
THD+N: 0.0043% (0.1KHz, 1W into 8-ohm)
0.0058% (1KHz, 1W into 8-ohm)
0.0065% (20kHz, 1W into 8-ohm)

0.002% (100Hz, full output into 8-ohms)
0.014% (1kHz, full output into 8-ohms)
0.001% (20kHz, full output into 8-ohms)
0.011% (50kHz, full output into 8-ohms)
12Vdc Trigger Input: V_min = 9Vdc, V_nominal = 12Vdc, V_max = 18Vdc
Trigger current at 12Vdc = 45mA
AC Input: Factory configured for 110-120Vac  -or-  220-240Vac (50/60Hz)
Power Consumption: 20W (idle), 230W (Full output into 4-ohm)
Protections: – AC input jack fuse
– MOV (AC input surge protection)
– Speaker output over current
– Over temperature
Dimensions: 5.5″ wide x 14″ deep x 4.75″ tall (140mm x 356mm x 120mm)
With Isolation Base: 8.5″ x 14″ x 5.5″ (216mm x 356mm x 140mm)
Weight per Monoblock: 27 lbs (12.25 kg)
42 lbs (19 kg) including travel case

Jack Roberts reviews the L2 Signature Monoblocks

…These are simply very seductive sounding amplifiers.

I think the first two things you will notice about these monoblocks is their bass and their soundstaging. Whether kettle drums, a standup bass or a big pipe organ these amps have iron-fisted control of the bass. The bass is also deep, fast and powerful.

The second thing I noticed was the soundstage, and it was huge. With the L2 Signature amps in my system, the soundstage floated behind the speakers and way to the outside of the speakers… The L2 Signatures allowed my system to do this better than any amp I have heard.

The midrange has a wonderfully natural, relaxed, liquid, sweet and warm sound. Sinatra, or Ella’s voices or Ben Webster’s sax all sounded so relaxed and effortless. These power amps enabled me to hear layers of tones and textures of the music that came out of a very natural sounding background of silence. Performances were quite involving and moving at both low and loud listening levels.

With these amps, my system also had the capability to let me hear the lushness from the strings and woodwinds. When you combine this midrange with the bass I talked about above, you have a real winner on your hands.”

– Jack Roberts, The Audio Beatnik

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Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 with L2

“Warmth and midrange smoothness were the strengths of a Vinnie Rossi/ Triode Wire Labs / Harbeth loudspeaker system…

Drums and percussion were depicted with excellence, the low tones of piano and instruments were conveyed with perfection, and the artistry and emotion of all concerned came through loud and clear.

In fact, the brilliance of music and interpretation was such that, for one of the rare times in my 15 years at audio shows, absolutely no one left the room or even fidgeted during a long piece of relatively obscure, heart-rending German lieder that was impeccably sung with deep feeling. This is a tribute not only to Vinnie Rossi, Harbeth, and Triode Wire, but also to the quality of show attendees whom Vinnie tends to attract. Thank you, one and all.” 

Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile

RMAF 2018 – Best in Show Sound

(Room 3018: Vinnie Rossi with Spatial Audio and Anticables)

“It’s rooms like Vinnie’s and Clayton’s that really are “the energy” for that audio show feeling.

… Bass was massive and natural — and by natural I mean it was like real thunder, not a facsimile, or one of those pesky apartment neighbors who just got “Sub-Woofer: The Movie” on Blu-Ray.

…The mid-range and treble was as effortless as anything I had encountered this year at any of the shows. Not to say it was out-right the best, but it was spooky in how it loaded the room and held voices inside the image when needed but allowed the vocals to show space when the recording demanded it.

…When we talk about ‘Best-In-Show’ sound, I can’t help but take into account that what I heard here at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is not only a few extra inches of performance, but a few feet worth. How many other speaker and electronics brands can admit they’ve made those kind of gains?”

Eric Franklin Shook, Part-Time Audiophile

(Room 4024: Vinnie Rossi with Harbeth Loudspeakers and Triode Wire Labs)

“Insight was available by the boatload. Bass attack, fast, but not bloated or overly thumpy. Mid-range, what I consider to be signature Harbeth, but turned upward and wider that I know from my previously smaller Harbeth experiences. Treble was where, for me, things shined. The insight came from imaging that hung afloat in the middle of the room like an apparition.”

Eric Franklin Shook, Part-Time Audiophile


“In the Spatial Audio room, Clayton Shaw was debuting his statement speaker, the Lumina L2 along with  Vinnie Rossi’s ‎L2 Signature Preamp and Monoblock System that he was debuting. This was some of the best sound at the show.

“This is one of the systems at the show that really got my motor running. The whole system didn’t cost what many of the speakers at the show sold for, and it sounded better than most. It was dynamic, open, had emotional energy and was very natural sounding. These were great debut products.” 

Jack and Becky Roberts, The Audio Beatnik


“The slide guitar-infused Plowin’ Mule track by Doug MacLeod posted almost ghost-like focus for each instrument in the music field. It was certainly hard to tell where the speakers were placed, and if pressed to gander a guess, I would have implied a location much further back, behind the somewhat close, actual placement of the 40.2s. A fun party trick? An expensive hollowed gesture to scare trick-or-treaters? I say nay. Raw craftsmanship from two brands that gel together for power when needed and grace unyielding. Best imaging and focus of the show for me.

Brian Hunter, Audio-Head.com



“RMAF Best of Show”

“This was one of those rooms you could sit and listen all day and never get fatigued. Vinnie had them [Harbeth 40.2s] dialed in and his new L2 DHT Preamp sounded terrific. You also won’t meet a friendlier bunch than these guys!”

Mike Bovaird, AudioShark.org


“Great Rooms of RMAF 2018”

“Lovely sound, typical of Harbeth and its legendary status. Great bass, too… Vinnie Rossi continues to make some of the most intriguing electronics, highly adaptable and sounding superb. Very good and reasonably priced.”

Anthony Kershaw, Audiophilia

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