Custom Configure LIO

If the exact LIO configuration that you are looking for cannot be created in the LIO Source Components, LIO Preamplifier, or LIO Integrated Amplifier pages of our website – LIO’s modular design easily allows you to select the combination of features that perfectly meet your needs.

Use the selection tool on the right side of this page to build your custom configured LIO. You can even add additional modules in the future – without the need of special tools or electronics knowledge. Your LIO was designed for long-term ownership and can change as both technology and your needs evolve.

The base LIO includes the chassis with our revolutionary PURE-DC-4EVR ultracapacitor power supply (now featuring our Silent Switching technology!), aluminum front /side panels, knobs and top cover in the color of your choice, solid aluminum remote control handset, LIO OUTPUTS module and external power supply. You select the modules you wish to complete your custom built LIO.