Vinnie Rossi LIO tubestage module

Whether you are learning about LIO for the first time or looking to add to your existing LIO, we offer a guide to all the available LIO modules. Explore, have fun!

Headphone Amplifier module

Power your headphone listening up to the top with this exceptional and versatile module.

MM/MC Phonostage module

Get the absolute best performance out of your phono system and retrieve all the musical glory locked in your record’s grooves.

MOSFET Amplifier module

Drive your speakers to new heights of musical performance.

DSD/PCM DAC module

Get the most enjoyable sound out of your digital sources with LIO’s 3-input DAC.

Tubestage module

Add the seductive warmth and lifelike musicality that only tubes can provide to any LIO component.

Input Select module

Plug in up to three analog sources into any LIO component with this handy, must-have module.

Resistor Volume Control module

Get super-precise 1dB level and balance control for perfect imaging at every volume.

Autoformer Volume Control module

This 100% passive volume control is the most transparent level control you can own.

Remote Cartridge Loading module

Add this handy model to the LIO phono stage for precise MC cartridge phono loading from the best place to do it –  your listening chair.

AVC/Tubestage combo module

Combines the best of AVC and Tubestage onto one module to bring you what we believe is the finest
sounding, active volume control stage available today!