Frequently Asked Questions

What are LIO / VR120 dimensions and shipping weight?

LIO and VR120 dimensions are approximately:
17.5″  (445mm) Wide
13.5″ (343mm) Deep [includes the added depth from knobs and jacks] 4.5″ (114mm) Tall [includes added height from feet]LIO shipping weight is approximately 25 lbs. (11.4 g)
VR120 shipping weight is approx. 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)

Why did you decide not to introduce LIO under the Red Wine Audio brand?

Since 2005, Red Wine Audio has been known as the industry leader in high fidelity, battery-powered audio components. For our new patent-pending, ultracapacitator-based approach and refreshing modular system approach, we decided it would be best to start with a new brand. The new brand is Vinnie Rossi. We will sell factory-direct to our customers and are establishing an all new-user community (forum,videos and newsletter) and will be attending many audio shows in the future. These are exciting times!

I love the LIO concept and am very interested in purchasing, but I believe that my speakers will require more output power than what the LIO amplifier module provides. Is there a solution?

We do offer a more powerful solution – the VR120 Power Amplifier.  It is offered in an enclosure that matches with the size and appearance of the LIO (and the LIO can stack on top of it to conserve space, without any issues).

Can I use LIO with other products or am I locked-in to buying only LIO modules?

Yes, you certainly can use any configuration of the LIO with other products.  LIO can be configured in its simplest forms as just a preamp, dac, phonostage, headphone amp, etc. Just as if you were to purchase one of these types of products, you may need to interface with other components. But the beauty in LIO’s modular system approach is configuring it to be exactly what you need in one box, and having everything run from LIO’s patent-pending “PURE-DC-4EVER” internal power supply.

How easy is it to open up the LIO to install modules?

Really easy! You unscrew two thumbscrews on the rear panel by hand and then slide off the top plate. You then position the module in the corresponding bay in the rear panel and align it over the sockets on the motherboard and push it into place.

Do I need any special electronics knowledge or soldering skills to add modules and perform upgrades to my LIO?

No. LIO modules are simple ‘plug-n-play’ designs that do not require any soldering or any electronics knowledge.

I see that you offer LIO / VR120 enclosure parts in different colors. How easy is it to change one or multiple enclosure parts to customize the appearance?

We recommend you decide on the appearance options when you order (using the LIO product configuration tool), but you can always change your appearance later. It is easy and involves only a few screws and a few minutes of your time.

How frequently do you believe you will be offering new and or upgraded user modules?

We are always developing improvements to our modules. We earnestly listen to our customer feedback and create solutions. We encourage you to join our dedicated user forum and email newsletter to follow what is in the works and when availability is expected.

Will I ever need to replace the ultracapacitors in the LIO / VR120?

No. The ultracapacitors are rated to last a lifetime.

Do you recommend leaving LIO / VR120 turned ‘on’ all the time?

While it will not hurt your LIO or VR120, we recommend that you turn them ‘off’ when you are not using them – to conserve electricity.  There will be no sonic advantages of leaving it on 24/7.

Do you recommend a power conditioning product or an “audiophile grade” power cord?

No. Upgraded power products or “audiophile grade” power cords will offer no improvement whatsoever with LIO or VR120’s “PURE-DC-4EVER” power stage as it is isolated from the AC mains power at all times. The audio circuitry is only fed by clean DC power.  This is one of the many advantages that LIO / VR120 offers over the competition.

Why the transition from battery power to ultracapacitor power?

We believe it is more than a transition – it is an evolution! We have determined that there are numerous advantages to our “PURE-DC-4EVER” ultracapacitor power supply approach compared to even the highest quality battery supplies. These advantages relate to sonic performance, longevity, environmental concerns, and even product weight.  There simply is no going back!

Is there any advantage sonically by using more than one LIO in my system?

No. As much as we would love to sell you more than one LIO, the LIO system is designed to run optimally – even when fully loaded with modules. The signal paths are shortest and cleanest when use of interconnects are minimized.  If you are looking for an upgraded performance for your speakers, look no further than using the VR120 power amplifier with your LIO.

Since I must order factory direct without being able to listen to the sound quality, do you offer a return policy?

Yes. At Vinnie Rossi we believe the best way to ensure customer satisfaction is to allow you to ‘audition’ our LIO system in your listening environment for 30 days. Therefore, we offer a 30-day return policy for the LIO system and all LIO performance modules.

If I purchase additional modules for my LIO, are they covered by a return policy as well?

Yes, we offer the same 30-day return policy to all of our products.

Will LIO / VR120 work with my country’s voltage?

Yes. The external power adapter that feeds the LIO and VR120 can work on any voltage from 100 to 240Vac, 50/60 cycles. It also uses a standard IEC power jack for simple power cord plug-in. No need to configure your LIO for your coutry’s voltage. The LIO will auto-detect any country’s voltage immediately.

How do you ship internationally?

We normally use USPS Express Mail (approx. 5 business days). If you have specific questions about customs and duties, please contact us directly.

Do you offer sales|discounts?

No. Our pricing is already at it’s lowest factory-direct cost, and pricing is very likely to increase over time. We do not have any special ‘holiday’ sales (e.g. Black Friday, Cyber Monday) or manipulate our pricing in any way. We want our pricing to be fair, always. The right time to purchase is when you are ready.

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