Customer Feedback

“…She’s a keeper.”

“…you can really feel that it’s a labor of love. This thing doesn’t exist just to exist, it exists because Vinnie wanted something better.”

“…she’s a keeper. Good work, Vinnie…a spectacular achievement indeed!”

brh /

“…S P E C T A C U L A R ! “

“I’ve had my LIO for a couple days now and thought you might like to know my initial impressions. In a word … S P E C T A C U L A R !”

“right out of the box the LIO is performing well beyond my expectations. I want to thank Vinnie for putting together what is likely to be the best piece of audio equipment I’ve ever owned. I’ll be selling off my old components and now useless cables in the coming days so I can spend the extra money (and time) on music. I couldn’t be happier. Keep up the good work.”

timkolacny /

“…I am loving it”

“I first heard the LIO at an audio show in the fall of 2015. It was amazing. I decided that I needed that sound in my room. Four months later I am loving it!

SteveKi /

“…a day and night experience!”

“My apartment, a 100year old building with ancient wiring and transformer pole right in front. Hum, and other noises being a major problem ever since I moved in 15 years ago… The LIO’s independent power supply sounded like a thorough solution… Wow, was that a day and night experience!”

4003 /

“…natural, non-fatiguing, robust…”

“What’s most striking for me is the tonal balance at any volume level. I listen a lot at lower volumes when I’m not doing critical listening, and the presentation can still make me stop what I’m doing and tell myself “this really sounds good.” The LIO excels at letting the music come through in a natural, non-fatiguing, robust way. There is a body to the music, a density that is simply addictive. From top to bottom, a cohesiveness. Just a real pleasure to listen to music through the LIO. And of course with the ultracapacitor power supply, the unit is dead quiet. I couldn’t be happier.”

anicca /

“…LIO fleshed out the sound.”

“The LIO, right out of the box, trumped the Bakoon on clarity – which was amazing – both for speaker and for headphone listening. However, to my ears, the biggest improvement was how the LIO fleshed out the sound.”

trcks /

“…the detail without losing any dynamics.”

“I highly value low level detail… and the LIO is the best I have experienced in this category. Listening to Sibelius’ Symphony no. 5 right now and I hear all the detail without losing any dynamics. Very, very happy. The LIO replaced a Musical Fidelity Integrated amp which had a lot more WPC and was fine but not close to the musicality of the LIO.”

cmvinyl22 /

“…exceeds my (high) expectations…”

“LIO exceeds my (high) expectations by a huge margin, and this product and company deliver more value than any audio purchase I’ve ever made, among many. It truly meets my needs now, and for the future, perfectly.
Many thanks and kudos to Vinnie Rossi”

TomS /

“…I respect it and value it.”

“I live in the UK and it feels like I am dealing with the corner shop at the end of my road – local and personable. I truly don’t know how he does it, however two things I do know for sure – I respect it and value it. On top of that his products are great and as an original LIO owner he is breaking new ground. Wonderful product. Respect to Vinnie is all I can say.”

CMcGolpin /

“No regrets.”

“I went into this wanting to get as close to analog sound as I could get. I had auditioned lots of other DACs and speakers (Heed, Direct Stream, Resonessence Labs, Metrum Acoustics), and I would have been more than happy with the LIO being at that level. The LIO got to a place I had never experienced digital in any setup, it was a full being there in the music that I had only ever experienced with analog. Here I was hoping for something to bring musical enjoyment and ease of use, instead I got what for me was a real auditory shift in getting about musical enjoyment. There are now things in my current system that the vinyl just can’t do, just as there are things the vinyl can do. But for the first time the LIO put digital on a level playing field with just a different perspective on emphasis. No regrets.”

karastav /

“Vinnie is great to work with…”

“The appeal of the LIO: Simplicity of one unit. Off the grid power. I can customize the LIO and replace the modules myself. Any future improvements are easily added. Everything about the LIO is high quality. Ten year warranty. Vinnie is great to work with and if there are any questions or problems, he is right there to help you.

Most importantly, all my music sounds really good. The system is now much more engaging. I’m even enjoying my older music on less than ideal recordings.”

postman131 /

“…rings all the right bells for me”

“…focused, pure, tonally dense, transparent and dynamic. In addition to great sonic performance, the LIO is a looker . . . and helps feed an ongoing process of simplifying my life.

Congrats on a great concept and excellent execution, Vinnie – thanks!”

Timbana /

“Truly a home run in every way!”

“I’ve owned my LIO for a couple months now, and there isn’t a day goes by that it doesn’t make me think about more ways to simplify… the LIO is just so darn good at everything I’ve asked it to do so far (MC phono stage, tube preamp). Truly a home run in every way!”

TomS /

“…great customer service…”

“I am getting GREAT sound with my LIO hooked up to KEF LS50s. Can’t say enough about the great customer service as well.”

mcanaday /

“…I find it highly addictive”

“To sum it up, the LIO was a massive upgrade to my system and I couldn’t be any happier. The LIO has absolutely no trouble driving my speakers [PSB Synchrony One, 4-ohms / 88dB sensitivity]. It is very realistic and detailed but most importantly it is incredible enjoyable to listen too and I find it highly addictive.

Vinnie was extremely helpful, responsive and insightful with his advice during the whole purchase process as well as after. Really outstanding customer support which for me just rounds off the package to be an really outstanding deal.”

SL /

“And best of all, Vinnie…”

“LIO is amazing in two ways. I can swap out modules and have some fun with different configurations. The sound quality of the LIO in the configuration I now own is superior to anything I have ever owned. The system really meets my expectations. I’m thrilled!!! And best of all, Vinnie… He’s just so darn friendly and responsive. I don’t know how he finds the time to respond… Thank you for a great experience!”

catmansound /

“…a man/business of the utmost integrity…”

“When you buy a LIO you gain access to a man/business of the utmost integrity and blazing intelligence who can clearly explain his system (designed for demanding audiophiles) to a non-hobbyist, freely gives non-sponsored unbiased advice on components/peripherals when asked, goes out of his way to build modifications… I could keep going on.”

Larry Kyoto /

“…hands down the best customer service…”

“Although we’re ultimately in this hobby for the music, knowing that the manufacturer has your back is immensely comforting. Even among some stiff competition, I’ve had hands down the best customer service experiences for my LIO.

I’m a huge fan of the optionality the LIO provides, as well as the opportunity to grow it as my budget allows. Thanks again!”

writersblock /

“…very impressed…”

“I have been very impressed with the LIO. I was looking for a relatively simple and integrated system for superior stereo music listening in my bedroom, with the capability to drive both speakers and headphones. The LIO solved these needs and much more! The MOSFET AMP turned out to be plenty powerful enough to power my speakers, so it precluded the need to buy an additional amp. Additionally, I loved the ability to add only the necessary modules and to upgrade to new modules in the future. And of course having clean power was a major plus.

As many others have already mentioned, Vinnie was extremely helpful throughout the entire process, which became another reason to buy – supporting an independent business and a gentleman who stands behind his product. Vinnie took the time to answer the many questions I had, always polite and never condescending.”

sbj23 /

“…romantic flavor.”

“I bought my LIO to substitute my Devialet 200. I think the Devialet is a great machine… however, I felt something was missing – I did not feel engaged, not falling into the music. With the LIO I get that engagement; I can easily appreciate and get emotionally connected to the music. The most important aspects behind my decision were the LIO’s “tonal density” and more “romantic” flavor.”

Lutry /

“…LIO is a wonder product…”

“Purchasing from Vinnie is a pleasure. He is a flat out honest man with impeccable integrity, customer service, and accessibility. When you add that on to the flawless execution and build quality of the LIO as well as Vinnie’s skill with voicing, the LIO is a wonder product in my opinion. The honeymoon period has been long over with my LIO and I like it more now than when I purchased it.”

schw06 /

“… a game changer”

“The LIO power supply has a clear and unmistakable advantage… in bass definition, control, and extension. “

yardbird4 /

“You owe it to yourself…”

“Owning a LIO turns my analytical mind off and I get lost in the music more easily than anything I’ve ever owned before (and unfortunately there is an extensive list). In my opinion that is the ultimate endorsement. If that’s your goal, you owe it to yourself to at least investigate the LIO.”

schw06 /

“…I am loving it”

“I first heard the LIO at an audio show in the fall of 2015. It was amazing. I decided that I needed that sound in my room. Four months later I am loving it!

SteveKi /

“…biggest surprise has been the total compatibility…”

“So far, LIO has exceeded my expectations. I would say the biggest surprise has been the total compatibility with other gear, including my tube amp and a variety of sources. LIO slipped into my system as though it belonged there all along. The reviews convinced me that LIO configured with the AVC module would be very transparent. The reviews were correct.”


“The LIO can do no wrong…”

“As one of the early adopters of the LIO, I’m happy to report that I’m still in love with it and have zero plans to change it. After decades on the merry go round of swapping out expensive components and cabling looking for my unicorn, I have finally found something that makes me happy every time I turn it on, no matter what I’m listening to. The LIO can do no wrong and excels at pretty much every thing that matters – staging & imaging, PRAT, accuracy, instantaneous current, whatever. It works well with every speaker I have used it with (ProAc, Sjöfn, Devore, and Harbeth to name a few)…”

timkolacny /

“Sonically…the ULTIMATE SOLUTION!”

“Sound is outstanding and the customer support of Vinnie is unparalleled.
Sonically the LIO is for me the ULTIMATE SOLUTION! I’ve never before had a comparable unit. I’m impressed and Vinnie thank you very, very much.”

hubi /

“…blacker background and a lower noise floor.”

“I have been exceedingly happy with the performance of the LIO with all of the equipment I have used with it. [LIO] offers a blacker background and a lower noise floor. There is no tube hiss whatsoever from the LIOs 6922 tubes; this is one of the only components I’ve owned that I would characterize as sounding truly ‘transparent’. The other thing I want to mention about my experience with LIO is regarding Vinnie Rossi’s service. Frankly, I couldn’t ask for better. Every question I had prior to purchase (and there were dozens, including a few rather long phone calls) were answered with patience and with an ear obviously bent towards really trying to help me.”

nnck /

“…headphone AMP with the internal DAC is so magical.”

“My spouse is pretty much an unofficial interior decorator. So the ability to customize the color was really important to me – she detests matte black components. When we got the LIO (white with silver knobs), she said we didn’t even have to put it in the console but could leave it out. I was floored.

If I had to list my favorite parts of LIO in order it would be:
1) The knowledge that Vinnie is awesome–I hope to make an audio show when day and shake his hand.
2) The form factor and upgradability so that as I and LIO grow, I don’t have to lose my initial investment.
3) That headphone AMP with the internal DAC is so magical.”

CarterB /

“The purity…is addictive.”

“Owning the LIO also helps feed an ongoing process of simplifying my life. It’s calming to replace the clutter of multiple power cords, interconnects and component boxes with a single box. And, it didn’t hurt at all that, after replacing my other components and cords with the LIO, I walked away with approximately $6,500 in my pocket… and a system that I prefer.

The purity that results from coupling full-range drivers (no crossover artifacts) to the LIO (clean, natural sound with no power supply hash) is addictive.
I want to thank Vinnie for sharing his vision, execution and superb customer service. Much appreciated, and much respected!”

Timbana /

“…artists’ work laid bare.”

“In a nutshell I can only say that I long ago forgot about “listening to the gear” with Vinnie’s offerings. You listen to the music you own never for a minute thinking it should sound any other way, nor wanting it to. It comes from a background of blackness with the artists’ work laid bare. Keep up the great work Vinnie!”

kitten /