A Message from Vinnie Rossi

Some of you already know me from Red Wine Audio which I founded late-2004. I am an electrical engineer with a passion for designing audio equipment that emotionally pulls the listener deep into the music. I believe in handcrafting my designs in the USA and backing them up with a 10-year warranty and industry-leading customer service. I embrace a “less-is-more” approach – using purist circuit topologies that eschew high parts count in favor of elegant simplicity, and using the highest quality components throughout. I am fanatical about utilizing isolated, ultra-low impedance power supply design as a necessity in achieving the finest sonic results.

Design and Manufacturing Sound Reproduction Products is a Labor of Love

I established Red Wine as the leader in high fidelity, battery-powered audio components that have earned numerous awards and a strong customer following. My customers know how much I enjoy working directly with them to achieve their system goals. I have even met many of them in person at trade shows and in online user forums. I continue to push the limits in both sonic performance and how my customers experience what I deem as a labor of love.

New Brand | New Website | New Online User Experience

I have been working tirelessly on a refreshing product platform that employs a modular one-box approach as well as a patent-pending power supply implementation that transcends what I have achieved with our previous multiple-box, battery power designs. I decided that this evolution calls for a new brand name – Vinnie Rossi, and the product platform is called LIO. I invite you to explore LIO, as well as our new user community. You will find a dedicated forum, blog, and the first of many videos that will follow. I also encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter to be the first to learn about exciting ideas in the works! I am very enthusiastic about leading an alternative to the “multiple-boxes-that-become-obsolete” approach used by this industry for so long. Thank you for visiting!

Vinnie Rossi